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Policyholder Best Practices As Cyberattacks Escalate

This article originally ran in Law360 on September 4, 2021. All rights reserved.  Cyberattacks are exploding. The coronavirus pandemic has further exposed cyber vulnerabilities due to remote work and the increasing use of underprotected devices. Ransomware attacks are increasingly becoming the cyberattack of choice. While data breach and privacy claims fell between 2018 and 2020, ransomware attacks rose by 486% over that same period. …

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Defending Patient Breaches for Hospitals – PODCAST

On this episode of Darshan Talks, they discuss Health Literacy with guest Krishna Jani. Krishna Jani, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney at Flaster Greenberg PC had spoken about the relationship between data privacy, life sciences, and health issues in the legal domain.

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